2021 Term 1 Summer 7s competition

The second round of the summer 7s will start on Wednesday 17th February.

This is a social competition intended to keep players involved in the game during the off season.

Registration is by team- pick your own team name- and does not have to be aligned to a club. There are three age categories available- players aged up to and including those who will turn 12 and players aged up to and including those who will turn 16 in 2021; and an open category.

Unfortunately, no teams registered for the 16s category so for Summer7s 2, the open category will play on Wednesdays with the first game kicking off at 6pm and the second kicking off at 7pm. The 12s category will play on Thursdays with game 1 at 5pm, game 2 at 5:50 and game 3 at 6:40.

The format is a 7 a side games played on a pitch approximately 65m x 45m with no limitation on sustitutions. There will be two halves of 15 minutes for the 12s and 20 minutes for the Opens with a 10 minute break at half time.

Balls are kicked in from out of play- there are no throws. Keepers can throw the ball back in to play or kick it from the ground- there are no kicks from the hand. The full rules for the modified format of the game can be found here.